Resorts World Genting Jazz up customers Wednesday

Three winners went home with a brand new Honda Jazz and 15 more up for grabs Genting Highlands, 24th July 2019 – A few weeks ago, Resorts World Genting revved up the engines to the Jazzy Wednesday campaign in which visitors stand a chance to win 18 Honda Jazz over the span of 18 weeks in a lucky draw. Three winners have already walked home with a brand new car and 15 more up for grabs in the coming weeks. In the evening of 3rd July 2019, thousands of visitors watched as Dato’ Edward Holloway, Executive Vice President of Leisure and Hospitality at Resorts World Genting, reached his hand into the box filled with entry slips and pulled out a sheet. The crowd waited in front of the Time Square stage with bated breath for the announcer to read out the name of the first-ever Jazzy Wednesday Grand Prize winner. And as the name Ching Keng Wai was read out loud, disappointed groans and congratulatory cheers rang through the crowd. “My family and I were only expecting to enjoy a nice day off when we came up that day,” said Chin Keng Wai, winner of the first Honda Jazz. “We saw banners around the resort about Jazzy Wednesday and decided to just try our luck. I was thrilled when my name was announced as the winner of the Honda Jazz.” The second winner of Jazzy Wednesday, Ng Kok Song didn’t think he would win a brand new car. He was waiting amongst the crowd hoping to win one of the dining/shopping vouchers or the Samsung Galaxy S10+ smartphone that was to be given out and when the winners of those prizes were announced, he thought that the chance was lost. However, he was taken by surprise as they announced his name to be the winner of the Honda Jazz. Week 2 winner Ng Kok Song said “As the announcer was reading the name out by each syllable, I began to grow excited. But only when he read the voucher number, I realized that it was me who had won the car. ” Loh Peck Hee couldn’t believe his luck when he was told that he is the owner of a brand new Honda Jazz. “I am beyond excited to be one of the 18 people to win a car,” said the third winner of Jazzy Wednesday.   Visitors with a valid Genting Rewards card only has to earn 1 Genting Point in a single day at any of the participating outlets to earn a chance to participate in the lucky draw of the week. They will then need to redeem their Genting Points for a Jazzy Wednesday entry slip from one of the over 50 iKiosks found across the resort and slip it into the draw boxes located at Hilltop Grocer and the Information Counter at SkyAvenue, Taiko Ramen and Sakura at First World Plaza, or various Genting Rewards Membership Counters. Besides the grand prize, participants also stand a chance to win Samsung Galaxy S10+ smartphones and dining/shopping vouchers from participating tenants worth over RM1.5 million over the 18 weeks. Participants needs to be present at 8pm at the Times Square stage in SkyAvenue every Wednesday as a name will be drawn out live onstage and the winner of that week’s Honda Jazz will be revealed. 15 weeks left for 15 more cars to be given away. So, come on up to Resorts World Genting and stand a chance to drive away in a brand new Honda Jazz for a small price! For a full list of participating outlets or more details, please visit or call +603-2718 1118.]]>