Spotify Celebrates Yet Another Milestone, Five Successful Years in Malaysia

Hazed & Confused for the hazy season to Malaysia Boleh! a playlist dedicated to Malaysia, there is a playlist for the every moment and for every user.   Here are some of fun facts of Spotify in Malaysia over the past five years:   Five Years of Music Streaming with Spotify in Malaysia Spotify: A Partner in the Music Industry Streaming platforms have disrupted the concept of mainstream. Today, music fans are dictatingthe way the music industry is moving forward. Given this, Spotify works closely with artists to promote their music and help them break boundaries. Spotify offers more than one path to success:

  • Discover Weekly, Release Radar and Daily Mix are some of Spotify’s playlists fostering music discovery. It helps connect artists to new listeners regardless of where they are.
  • While every artist wants a spot on high-traffic playlists, it is key for artists to put their music in front of the right audience – listeners that would never have seen it otherwise. To ensure that artists are equipped, the Spotify for Artists dashboard is designed to guide artists maximise their Spotify experience; providing a better understanding of their Spotify listeners to effectively grow and engage with their fan base.
  Apart from just breaking emerging artists locally or globally, Spotify takes pride in elevating local genres to the global stage. The Asian genre sensation K-Pop has seen its global popularity rocket since the launch of Spotify’s Korean pop genre hub two years ago. Since the hub’s launch in 2015, more than 6.6 billion K-Pop tracks have been streamed globally on the music service, with users spending over 14.5 billion minutes listening to their favourite Korean tracks. The K-Pop hub, which includes everything from the latest K-Pop tracks to Korean OSTs, was initially introduced in Asia (The Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong) as a result of the genre’s popularity across the region. The launch further drove the number of streams and sharing of Korean music. Today in Malaysia, many turn to Korean original soundtracks (OST) just as often as they watchKorean dramas. Moving With the Times: Evolving the Spotify Experience Spotify’s free experience is the main entry point for many users; more than 60% of Spotify Premium users started out on the free tier. It makes it even easier for music fans to find the music they love and discover new music through access to Spotify’s curated playlists and customized playlists such as Discover Weekly. Spotify recently unveiled a new, improved, and more personalized way for users to discover and listen to music on Spotify for free on iOS and Android.The new ad-supported Spotify is a natural next step as Spotify continues to innovate and evolve based on the needs of users. With a new design on mobile, Free on Spotify includes a number of new features to make the listening experience more tailored to what users need to hear, now. Spotify aims to continuously connect fans with both the artist and fans across the world. Music should be accessible to everyone, in every market—the love of a great song is what connects communities and cultures across the world.  ]]>