Iranian Film Festival Malaysia 2018: Screening the best of Iranian cinema!

2018 Iranian Film Festival in Malaysia will reach three main cities, comprises of Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Johor Bahru.   Kuala Lumpur, 5 February 2018:  Jointly organized by the Cultural Center, Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Golden Screen Cinemas Sdn Bhd, supported by Farabi Film Foundation, Hoze Honari Organization and National Film Development Corporation Malaysia, the 2018 Iranian Film Festival in Malaysia will make its presence felt with the free theatrical screening of 6 specially curated films for an extended Persian cultural experience. The festival offers only the best of Iranian cinema especially Fajr Film Festival’s award winning movies. This event promises to showcase a look into the distinct idea of human values and manifestation of culture through Iranian silver screens. The Iranian Film Festival Malaysia 2018 will take place at four selected Golden Screen Cinemas outlets in Kuala Lumpur (7th to 11th March), Penang (12th to 14th March) and Johor Bahru (15th to 17th March) due to GSC’s reach as the largest cinema exhibitor in Malaysia. Starting from the 7th to 17th March 2018, audiences in Malaysia can look forward to a varied selection of Persian films in participating cinemas. The festival caters to general culture aficionados of all ages and backgrounds; art-enthusiasts, cinema-buffs and tertiary students alike. Movie fans can expect to have their senses stimulated by this year’s line-up, while at the same time broadens their horizon and inter-cultural understanding. “One of the most important and positive achievements of cinema is the creation of a ground for cultural dialogue. Cultural diplomacy in the field of global relations can transform countries from rival and hostile actors into converging, active and dynamic countries, and provide them with a better role and position in international relations,” said A.M Sabeghi, Cultural Counselor of the Cultural Centre, Embassy of Islamic Republic of Iran and Secretary of the Iranian Film Festival Malaysia 2018. He also added, in relation to the festival’s goal which is to develop “cultural relations and mutual understanding two countries and hopes that the Iranian cinematic art can be useful as a bridge in creating more cultural understanding and strengthening friendship between two brotherly and Muslim nations of Iran and Malaysia.” Participating GSC Cinemas are as follows:  

City   Participating Cinemas
Kuala Lumpur   Pavilion KL Mid Valley Megamall
Penang Gurney Plaza
Johor Bahru Paradigm Mall
  The festival selects movies in multiple genres, including drama, romance, thriller, comedy and war. The diversity of the selection was adhered in testifying Iran’s continued creativity and diversity in filmmaking. As appointed earlier, the festival carefully curated 6 films based on quality and overall finesse promising enjoyable cinema experiences to the viewers. One of the movies enlisted in the festival is a drama Under the Smoky Roof by Pooran Derakhshandeh that took last year’s Crystal Simorgh Award in the Fajr Film Festival 2017 in Tehran. The festival is welcoming two Iranian directors and two actresses to its opening ceremonies, director Pooran Derakshandeh and actress Merila Zarei for the Kuala Lumpur launch (March 5th), and director Abolhasan Davoodi and actress Azita Ajian for the Penang (March 12th) and Johor Bahru (March 15th) launch. This line up of award winning directors and actresses appearances from Iran is exclusively to Malaysia and will provide an avenue for interaction between movie-goers and the personas that were directly related to the making and the success of Iranian cinema. The festival will also present a number of heart-warming comedies and dramas from Iranian cinema. The list of movies to look forward to is as follows:  
  • Sweet Taste of Imagination (Kamal Tabrizi)
An imaginative dreamer university named Garoos professor falls in love with a student who resembles her teacher in this manner. Love story is endangered when a business competitor sets Garoos up for unethical behavior.  
  • The Queen (Mohammad Ali Bashe Ahangar)
During the war between Iran and Iraq, a scout (Milad Keymaram), in the Abadan Oil Refinery, tries to reveal geographical coordinates of Iraqi soldiers’ ambushes for Iranian army forces to kill them easily by bombardments. Meanwhile, he confronts with the soul of the previously killed scout (Mostafa Zamani) who did the same which makes a challenge for him, between his own human deepfeelings and killing innocent people of the enemy.  
  • Crazy Castle (Abolhassan Davoudi)
A group of young online community members roam the city of Tehran, looking for a good time. What starts as a prank continues to unfold into a complicated situation when they become entangled in blackmail. As they try to get out of this sticky situation, the remnants of their troubled pasts surface again. Through the eyes of Pirooz, who grieves for his father, drug addict Madana, and military service evader Masood, we examine the true meaning of friendship, and the way we portray ourselves on social media.  
  • Ceasefire 2 (Tahmineh Milani)
A young couple tries to fix their marriage troubles with the help of a psychiatrist.  
  • Under the Smoky Roof (Pooran Derakhshandeh)
Shirin who has problems with her husband and child is searching for a way to communicate with them and solve her family problems but she cannot succeeded in that so reaches a crisis. Her second try to get out of this crisis makes her to confront new challenges  
  • Where is My Shoes (Keyiumar Pourahmad)
After his wife and daughter lose touch with him, Habib starts losing his memory to the point of Alzheimer.   20 tickets will be allocated to the public on all three opening ceremonies in Kuala Lumpur (March 5th), Penang (March 12th) and Johor Bahru (March 15th). The festival is prompted to ensure the involvement of the general public so even ordinary citizen can participate and appreciate the Iranian cinematic experience, with a chance to meet the directors and casts that were directly involved in the Iranian entertainment industry. To book the tickets for the opening ceremonies, kindly contact us on this email address The films will be screened in Persian with English subtitles. FREE tickets for the 2018 Iranian Film Festival can be redeemed on a first-come, first-served basis from GSC Pavilion KL, GSC Mid Valley, GSC Gurney Plaza, Penang and GSC Paradigm JB ticketing counters from February 28 (Wed) onwards. To check out the 2018 Iranian Film Festival showtimes, login to the websites or]]>