KUALA LUMPUR – 26th February 2018 – One of the 2nd Malaysia International Film Festival (MIFFest) screening film – <AQERAT> had its press conference on 26th February (Monday), 12 pm at Sungei Wang. The director, Edmund Yeo attended the press conference to share his movie with the media. <AQERAT> has been confirmed will be releasing on 26th February in TGV cinemas, Suria KLCC and having a Q&A session after the screening on 2nd March 2018. When Yeo was asked whether he is disappointed about he is not nominated in the 2nd Malaysia Golden Global Awards, he stated that “I am not disappointed but our hope will focus on Daphne Low.  ” Yeo also said that he and Daphne Low have a close relationship because they has collaborate more than 4 times in this 5 years. Yeo has stated that they had met several difficulties when they are shooting for the film as that time was monsoon season. However, they had overcome it and successfully done the filming in 10 days duration as planned. Yeo is the first Malaysian to win in the Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF) and took home the best director award. He wanted to provoke thought about the dilemma of the Rohingya with his movie <AQERAT>. His feature debut <River of Exploding Durians> also made its world premiere at TIFF three years ago. He also has a documentary about Malaysian film director Yasmin Ahmad, called “Yasmin-san” premiering at TIFF. While the film’s leading actress in <AQERAT>, Daphne Low who starring as main protagonist Hui Ling carries the film well despite its heavy subject matter. She received the new Tokyo Gemstone Award, which honours up-and-coming actors and actresses. The storyline of <AQERAT> was inspired by mass graves of people, thought to be mainly Rohingya human trafficking victims, which were discovered near Malaysia’s border with Thailand in 2015. <AQERAT> also interestingly uses both Malay and Mandarin, which adds a different dimension to the film. Following Tokyo, Singapore International Film Festival and Kerala International Film Festival, <AQERAT> will finally come home and screened at the 2nd Malaysia International Film Festival. It will be the premiere screening in its own country after done screening on the festival circuit. Yeo will bring along Low to attend the Q&A session as well on 2nd March 2018 after the screening. Malaysia International Film Festival is to build a unique experience of Malaysian arts and culture to a world-wide audience. The film festival will be held from 25th February to 2nd March 2018 at Sungei Wang. Online ticket sale for the section films will be available via Ticket Charge website or contact ticketing hotline 03 – 9222 8811. For more information, please visit the official MIFFest social media page, contact us at 03 – 5622 1600 or email to for further information.]]>