BMW Malaysia sets a New Benchmark in Luxury Driving Pleasure with the exclusive BMW Luxury Excellence Pavilion

Malaysia and South East Asia welcome the epitome of Pure Dynamics and Sophisticated Luxury – The BMW Concept 8 Series for the very first time. Kuala Lumpur, 22nd February 2018 – BMW Malaysia today presented the BMW Luxury Excellence Pavilion in Malaysia, unveiling a new brand presence and fascination for its luxury segment vehicles for the very first time in the country. The premium automaker also took the opportunity at the experiential event to reveal the BMW Concept 8 Series for the very first time not only in Malaysia, but in South East Asia. Mr. Han Sang Yun, Managing Director and CEO of BMW Group Malaysia said, “It is an absolute pleasure for us to be able to share our new brand presence and expression for our luxury cars here at the BMW Luxury Excellence Pavilion. From Toronto, Canada to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, we hope to share our vision of the luxurious appeal of our brand through this one of a kind experiential programme, further demonstrating how we have redefined the idea of modern luxury in the auto industry.” On the BMW Concept 8 Series, Han added that it serves as a taster of an upcoming BMW model – the new BMW 8 Series Coupé, which is slated for launch this year as part of the biggest model offensive in the premium automaker’s history. “As the Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW Group AG, Harald Krüger said, ‘The number 8 has always represented the pinnacle of sports performance and exclusivity at BMW’. This exclusive concept sports car exudes Passion, Power and Performance. The upcoming BMW 8 Series Coupé is certainly one to look out for, but for now, the BMW Concept 8 Series will express our take on a full-blooded high-end driving machine created in the tradition of large sporty coupes.” Beyond driving pleasure: innovative luxury, BMW-style. The new brand presence for BMW’s luxury cars sees the profile and positioning of the most exclusive members of its range refined into a distinct product category. These cars appeal strongly to the heart, so they are particularly well placed to enrich the characteristic lifestyle of customers in the segment with authentic, emotionally engaging experiences. This classical, understated aesthetic highlights BMW’s inimitable history that is the approach to daringly explore stand-alone solutions and concepts, and the ability to take on challenges and emerge from them stronger. These are not only deeply-rooted elements of BMW heritage, but is also a recipe for success and showcases BMW’s passion, confidence and gift for bringing the future into the present day. BMW believes that luxury in a car represents the fruit of peerless expertise in various fields of development. Authentic, compelling and, above all, modern luxury draws on a well of tradition and pioneering spirit, and is rooted in years of experience, deepening knowledge and a talent for innovation. The flagship models in the BMW portfolio will embody a new understanding of luxury – one which brings together an emotionality defined by inspirational aesthetics and the joy of driving with the experience of freedom and self-determined individuality. On top of that, BMW is also focusing its attention on the continued development of relationships with customers, on experience and emotion, and on bespoke offerings. The premium automaker’s goal is to offer customers special mobility experiences every day, courtesy of unique and improved services. Such expectations from a partner in living luxury will come from a target group well accustomed to trying new things, taking the lead and choosing a free and independent path in life. In the ongoing development of luxury, the premium automaker is building up a luxury ecosystem of unique services and experiences, which embraces the full range of luxury models and creates some extraordinary and unforgettable times. BMW’s new expression and brand presence can be experienced exclusively at the BMW Luxury Excellence Pavilion from Thursday, 22nd February 2018 to Wednesday, 7th March 2018. The BMW Luxury Excellence Pavilion is also presented by partners Dior, Hugo Boss, Moet Hennessy Diageo, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Wei-Ling Gallery, Leica, illy Coffee and SPACE. The BMW Concept 8 Series: unadulterated dynamics and modern luxury. The BMW Concept 8 Series is BMW’s take on a full-blooded high-end driving machine, a slice of pure automotive fascination. While it is immediately recognised as a BMW, it also displays new design ideas and form-building techniques. The BMW Concept 8 Series showcases a new approach to the use of forms, reflected prominently in the car’s surfacing. A handful of crisp lines mark out clear surfaces, and the car’s volumes are powerfully sculpted. Together, these elements equate to an outstanding model brimming with character. The BMW Concept 8 Series spots a large kidney grille, slim twin headlights and large air intakes that form a striking, sporty front-end graphic. The classic BMW template now boasts a fresh interpretation, taking the company’s design language in a different direction. The two kidneys, for example, are low to the road and spread broadly across the front end. Taking inspiration from past years’ BMW coupés, the kidneys are brought together seamlessly to form a single large element. The grille widens as it extends downwards, emphasising the dynamic character of the BMW Concept 8 Series. Together with super-slim laser headlights and the hexagonal take on the “twin circular” theme, it brings a focused look to the front. On the other hand, the large side air intakes in the front apron intensify the car’s wide, sporting stance on the road and promise a pure dynamic experience. The carbon-fibre element between them underlines the car’s sporty, high-performance character. Meanwhile, the exclusively developed exterior paint finish Barcelona Grey Liquid – a greyish-blue with highly iridescent pigments – shows off the surfacing to optimum effect. Meanwhile, the rear is defined by the interplay between volumes and lines, which extend around from the flanks and shape the rear section of the car. The powerful wheel arches hint at the car’s dynamic talents and advertise its rear-wheel drive. The tapering of the passenger cell and that car’s wide track shine a particularly vivid spotlight on this area of the BMW Concept 8 Series. The slim, stretched-out rear lights extend far into the sides of the BMW Concept 8 Series and provide a connection between the rear and flanks. The lights themselves take the form of L-shaped blades and project out from the rear. They emphasise the width of the car and its muscular stance on the road, and their slender form gives the rear an ultra-sporty and modern flavour. The dark, stylised carbon-fibre diffuser in the lower section of the rear apron adds extra lightness and a sportier feel to the rear graphic. Large, trapezoidal exhaust tailpipes frame the rear section and point to the dynamic driving experience to come. Internally, the BMW Concept 8 Series is an emotionally rich blend of dynamics and luxury. The surfaces and lines all gravitate forward and underscore the dynamic driving experience. In the centre stack, the centre console and the door give the interior a clear graphic structure. The fluid transition from the instrument panel into the door and the sporty, enveloping feel of the interior are amongst the design elements that stand out. This impression is magnified by the smooth connection between the centre console and instrument panel, both of which equate to become the core of the interior. The sportiness on the inside is further accentuated by the high centre console and low visual focus on the instrument panel. When you’re behind the wheel, all your contact points with the car are brimming with sporting character. The exclusive sports seats are not only slim in design, but their basic structure is provided by the carbon-fibre shell, finished with only the finest leather – making them the perfect seats. The hand-polished aluminium spokes arrowing forward purposefully, and the red-anodised shift paddles quickly bring the race track to mind; all of which combines to showcase BMW’s success in exploring the contrasts between emotion and engineering, dynamic flair and luxury. Its form suggests supreme sportiness, while exquisite materials exude exclusivity and high-grade design. Merino leather in Dark Brown and Fjord White lends the interior a high-quality ambience. Accent surfaces in carbon fibre and hand-polished aluminium create deliberate contrast and radiate a sporty and technical feel. Top that with a faceted ground gearshift lever and the iDrive Controller made from Swarovski glass with smoky quarts, and you get a classy finishing touches. The BMW 8 Series Coupé will build on the company’s successful tradition of luxurious sports cars and adds another exciting model – a genuine dream car – to its existing luxury-class line-up.  ]]>