CIMB dan Enfiniti bakal membawakan OLABOLA THE MUSICAL You Will Believe Again

ENFINITI ANNOUNCES CIMB AS PRESENTING SPONSOR AND UNVEILS STELLAR CAST AND ENSEMBLE FOR OLABOLA THE MUSICAL KUALA LUMPUR, 16 OCTOBER 2017 – Enfiniti today announced ClMB Group (”CIMB”) as the presenting sponsor for OlaBola The Musical, and also unveiled the official full cast and ensemble line up of the highly anticipated musical. OlaBola The Musical will be the first production to be staged at the newly renovated lstana Budaya. The musical will premiere on Thursday, 8th February and run until 11th March 2018. In an exciting unveiling of the cast and ensemble today, over 50 members of the media and invited guests from CIMB, Astro and the Malaysia Tourism Centre (MaTlC) were treated to a power-packed performance of OlaBola The Musical’s first radio single ”Luar Biasa” held in the Mini Auditorium of MaTlC. [CIMB PRESENTS OLABOLA THE MUSICAL] Enfiniti announced leading ASEAN universal bank, CIMB Group, as presenting sponsor of OlaBola The Musical. Group Chief Marketing Officer, CIMB Group, Mohamed Adam Wee Abdullah said, ”We are proud to be the presenting sponsor of OlaBola the Musical. This is a true Malaysian narrative which beautifully portrays the diversity and determination of our people when they come together for a common purpose. Diversity is also a value we champion, and it is one of the key strengths that has propelled CIMB to become a leading ASEAN universal bank. We laud Enfiniti’s creativity in continuing to showcase these noble, inspiring and heartwarming values – and OlaBola’s unifying messages to Malaysians, particularly on youths – through entertainment.” [CHAMPION CAST AND ENSEMBLE OF OLABOLA THE MUSICAL] Earlier this month, Enfiniti announced Muhd Luqman Hafidz, Lim Jian Wen, Brian Chan, Abimanyu Masilamani, Kai Chalmers and rapper lyricist Altimet as part of the cast for the upcoming musical. The cast members made their first pubic appe with a live performance of the first OlaBola The Musical radio single titled “Luar Biasa”.The debut performance of “Luar Biasa” took place on the set of Astro Ria’s hit reality talent show Akademi Fantasia Megastar on Sunday, 8th October 2017. Joining the already star-studded cast are ledil Putra as Rahman and Melissa Ong as Chow Mei Ling. The ensemble cast includes dancer-actress Emma Tosh and winner of Miss World Malaysia 2015, Brynn Zalina Lovett, as well as award-winning street dance crews Giller Battle Crew consisting of three illustrious B-boy brothers from Sabah Khenobu, Weskarnain and “Juicy” Mohd Yasin and renowned champion hip-hop dancers Budak Joget, led by OlaBola The Musical’s Assistant Choreographer Fuzz Wayne. Established stage and film actor ledil first burst onto the scene in 2011. He has since held leading roles in various hit films such as Ngorat, Terbaik dari Langit and Interchange. With over two (2) decades of experience in the performing arts scene, the pioneer member of Tunas Budaya has gone on to spread his wings both on screen and off screen. He is also a notable figure of the award-winning sketch comedy group, Projek Disko Baldi and on occasion goes into comedy improv with AlllA Improv. ledil also shone playing the role of Sukardi in P.Ram/ee The Musical Season 3. Melissa is a recording artiste, TV personality and performer, who first rose to fame as a TV host on Astro XTY’s Tong Tong’s Wonderland in 2013. Having first started as a ballet dancer at the tender age of 3, she has gone on to expand her resume as she delved into other dance genres such as modern and traditional dance, Latin dance, hip-hop, belly dance, jazz dance and Broadway dance. She also made a successful transition into the world of singing and debuted a single EP under a Malaysian girl band called Previous. [COACH TIARA JACQUELINA LEADING CHAMPION CAST] Tiara Jacquelina, award-winning actress, producer and “Chief Dream-maker” of the Enfiniti Group and Director of OlaBola The Musical said, ”We were blown away by the sheer magnitude of talent from in and around Malaysia that showed up at our casting call in August. Over 300 people showed up, and we were auditioning people right up till midnight! 100 peOple made it to the callback, where they went through another rigorous round, and we finally ended up with 40 of the very best. To me, this is a dream cast. They’re going to just blow everyone away when you watch them perform in February.” She continued, ”With a cast including the likes of theatre powerhouses like our longtime friend ledil, two of the original cast from OlaBola The Movie (Luqman and Jian Wen), promising new talents such as Brian, Abimanyu and Kai and legendary rapper lyricist Altimet making his first appearance in a stage musical, we have such a broad range of diverse talents from across the various sections of the performing arts community working together, embodying the spirit and message of OlaBola. It is a fact all over the world, that the performing arts can only progress and flourish with the collaboration and support of private sector, government and the industry. The government has made one important initiative, which is a tax deduction of up to RM700,000 to all corporations supporting OlaBola The Musical, to encourage more corporations to support local productions. Today, we would like to recognise and acknowledge the participation of CIMB in OlaBola The Musical. This is a stellar example of how the private sector has come forward to help us realise a major effort to take Malaysian performing arts to a higher level, pushing boundaries and creating new benchmarks not just in this country but hopefully in the ASEAN region as well. In the movie OlaBola, Malaysians from all walks of life came together to support our national football team in their journey to the Olympics. Today, in that same spirit, we have the most talented individuals from diverse performing arts communities, from film, theatre, music, YouTube, Rap, Hip-hop, B-boys and even child actors and a Miss Malaysia in the show. All coming together to create the greatest show Malaysia will ever see. The multi-racial ”family” of OlaBola The Musical are Malay, Chinese, lndian, Sabahan and Sarawakian. We’ve been working together since the fasting month, workshopping scenes, dialogue, songs, football, dance, and in between, we even play futsal together!. Over 300 people attended the casting call in August, and we had two (2) rounds of callbacks following that, until we settled on the final 40 we have in our cast today. For me, this is a dream cast we have established theatre actors like Brian Chan Abimanyu Masilamani. Kai Chalmers, recording artiste Melissa Ong, stage and film actor ledil Putra, and two of the original cast from the original movie, Luqman Hafidz and Jian Wen. On top of that, we have rapper extraordinaire Altimet in his first role on stage!. We worked with Brian, Abi and Kai on separate projects before this, and We observed their work ethic for the past few years. There’s something about being young, hardworking and ”hungry” that reminds me of my early years, and these three boys have the right work attitude and deserve a big break. As for Luqman and Ah Chai ”Wen”, I appreciate that they took the trouble to attend several rounds of the audition just like everyone else. During the second script workshop, as we were finalising the script and cast, I told Luqman that he really needed to ”sell it” to me that he could carry the epic rap song Altimet wrote for one (1) of Ali’s scenes, and that he could carry the ”bad boy” attitude of Ali. The next day, he turned up with a plaster under his right eye. Channeling the rapper Nelly. I had to bite my tongue all day to stop myself from giggling every time I looked at him. That aside, I must say that I love how dedicated Luqman is as an actor, and in spite of his fame from playing Ali in the movie, he is still so humble and eager to learn and better himself. Wen lives and breathes the character of Ah Chai and he is such a sweetheart. He brings so much joy into the rehearsal room. He constantly reassures me that he will give his best, and you know what, he really does. Because the sound of the show is rap and hip-hop, we also have champion hip-hop dancers, the amazing Budak Joget dance crew, Kalai, Farhi and our Assistant Choreographer Fuzz Wayne. Representing the B-boy community, we have three (3) Sabahan brothers, known as the best B-boys in Malaysia, Khenobu. Juicy and Wes, who are international breakdance champions from the Giller Battle Crew. They’re going to just blow everyone away when you watch them perform in February. [BRINGING TOGETHER FOOTBALL STREET DANCE AND THEATRE] OlaBola The Musical will be Malaysia’s first ever epic rap and hip-hop musical completely fresh and different from any other Malaysian production. In addition to rap icon Altimet’s inclusion on the creative team, OlaBola The Musical promises expert choreography and jaw-dropping performances by Giller Battle Crew! (Showdown The Series 2012 champion b-boy dance crew) and international award-winning hip-hop dance crew Budak Joget. “B-boys from the street can only dream to perform at lstana Budaya. Today, one of my life long dreams is finally coming true. On behalf of the b-boy community, I would like to express my sincerest thanks to Tiara for giving us b-boys the honour of showcasing our art on an entirely new platform that is the National Theatre. We can’t wait to bring our A game choreography and show the nation what we’ve got,” said two-time champion of Red Bull BC One in Malaysia and Japan, Khenobu. ”For the longest time, hip-hop has been a way of life for me and to be given the opportunity to be part of OlaBola The Musical is such an honour. I’m so excited to give my all for this production and can’t wait to collaborate with Choreographer Azwa, Movement Director Stephen as well as the most creative talents in Malaysia, and with such a diverse and exciting cast,” said Assistant Choreographer Muhammad Fazrin aka Fuzz Wayne. [SOUNDBITES FROM THE POWER-PACKED CAST] “When I first heard about the auditions, l was determined to give my all to sing, dance, act and rap impressively. I couldn’t bear the thought of another actor wearing jersey number 10! Working with a company like Enfiniti is known to open doors and create amazing opportunities for those in the performing arts and it’s truly an honour to be working with some of the most inspiring people in the industry. I look forward to kick starting what will be an incredible journey, and to bringing this heartwarming story to life alongside the amazing cast and crew,” said Muhd Luqman Hafidz, who will be reprising his role as star striker Ahmad Ali in the upcoming musical. ”I’m so delighted to finally have the chance to work with Tiara once again. She has led the performing arts industry for decades and I’m constantly amazed and inspired by her long-term vision and dedication in bringing to life a multitude of award-winning productions. This is going to be the experience of a lifetime for many of us in this cast and we can’t wait to stage what will be the greatest Malaysian musical production to date,” said ledil Putra, who will play commentator-wannabe Rahman, one of the lead cast in OlaBola The Musical. “It’s such an honour to be cast in this production alongside some of the biggest names in show business such as Tiara, Stephen and ledil. Being involved in an original production such as OlaBola The Musical came at an opportune time for me and I simply couldn’t pass up the chance to be working in something as big as this. I’m up for the challenge and very excited about what’s to come over the next few months,” said Brian Chan who will take on the role of ”Tauke” Chow Kwok Keong. “I’ve been involved in OlaBola since the workshop in June, so I know just how this is set to be the best musical production staged in Malaysia to date. Being chosen to work alongside such a diverse ”family” is not only an honour but a blessing for many of us in this musical. Mia Palencia has written a killer of a ballad for my character, and I am prepared to deliver the performance of a lifetime and bring down the house at lstana Budaya come February,” said award-winning stage actor and vocalist Abimanyu Masilamani who will portray Harimau Malaya goalie Muthu in the upcoming musical. OlaBola The Musical is Enfiniti’s latest original production which is set to follow the success of Puteri Gunung Ledang, P.Ramlee The Musical, The Secret Life of Nora and MUD: The Story of Kuala Lumpur. Enfiniti held an open casting call on 20 August which saw the likes of over 300 hopeful participants audition for a chance to be a part of what is slated to be the biggest and most impressive local production in Malaysia. Judges for the casting call included Tiara Jacqueline, composer and lyricist Mia Palencia and rapper lyricist Altimet, as well as Head of Enfiniti Academy, Joanna Bessey. Ticket sales will commence on Monday, 16th October 2017. As an ’Early Bird’ promotion, a limited number of tickets for selected sections of the auditorium that are originally priced at RM250 will be available for purchase at the discounted price of RM150. This promotion will be available until Thursday, 16th November 2017 on a ’first come, first serve’ basis. ClMB cardholders are entitled to purchase all categories of tickets at a discount of 40%. This discount is applicable to the first 3000 tickets purchased. This promotion will commence on Thursday, 26 October 2017, and will be on a first-come-first-served basis. For more information and full ticketing details, visit the website at For updates, follow Enfiniti’s Facebook and Instagram @enfinitimy. Synopsis of OlaBola The Musical: OlaBola The Musical is a story set in the 1980’s during tumultuous economic times, about an unlikely team of footballers whose disagreements have left them with a streak of embarrassing losses. Personal issues have caused each of them to crack under pressure while the team slowly falls apart. They have only one chance left for international glory, and this multicultural team has to find it in their hearts to overcome their individual odds and unite for the sake of an entire country. But unknown to them, their greatest test is yet to come, one that will make or break their fighting spirit and the nation’s hopes and aspirations. At once a powerful lesson from the past and a hopeful missive for the future, OlaBola, a fictional tale based on true events, invites us to celebrate our differences and unite as a nation with a collective goal. This poignant zero-to-hero story reminds us that there is beauty in our diversity and strength in our unity. We might just find our reason to persevere and fight for our dreams here within this beautiful country called Malaysia. OlaBola The Musical will be performed in Rap and Hip-hop, in a first-time collaboration of composer-lyricist Mia Palencia and rapper-lyricist Altimet, two award-winning elitists in theirfields. Catch Tiara Jacquelina’s debut as Director in OlaBola The Musical. Tiara’s productions are known to set new benchmarks and raise the bar for the local theatre industry, but one of her biggest challenges will surely be how to recreate and translate the experience of a football stadium full of 50,000 people as in the film, ”live” on stage. Come watch one of the nation’s most inspirational stories ever, performed in a visually engaging, high-energy, roller coaster of an experience at lstana Budaya in February 2018!.]]>

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