image image image image “All these themes are current with issues facing growing cities especially in Asia where there is a strong migration Of many people from rural areas and suburbs flocking to cities in search of a better lifestyle.” Cities consume a lot of energy, generate staggering amounts Of greenhouse gases and account for the majority consumption of the world’s natural resources. “This is has resulted in the mushrooming of populations where towns become cities and prOper advance planning must be made to ensure that overall infrastructure is able to support the growth without compromising on quality of life,” said Selva. Closer to home, more than 74.7% of Malaysians as stated by the ClA Factbook, live in cities and the number is expected to increase to 90% in the near future. Smart Cities Asia 2017 is co-located with Big Data Week Malaysia 2017 which is celebrated with a host of events and activities that are co-organised by Knowledge Group and Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC). The Big Data Week is a global concept of interconnected community events focusing on latest, next-generation big data solutions and innovations across industries. image image image image Enter the Next Big Tech Asia which is the anchor event for this global festival of data, focusing on actionable case studies for the following sectors: Healthcare, Banking and Government. The anchor event will bring together over 60 global experts and chief data scientists from leading organisations like Google, Facebook, San Diego City, Helsinki City, New South Wales Government, Fusionex and iFlix to share their experience in turning data into insights. This event’s conference is complemented by an exhibition that will feature about 70 exhibitors showcasing a spectrum of solutions. The festivities will then be wrapped up with TechJam in APW Bangsar which is intended to be a more casual event. In keeping with the theme “It’s Data Science, Not Rocket Science” TechJam will showcase big data in a way that the general public can appreciate how it’s being used to improve our daily lives. it will also feature food trucks, music, drone performances and insightful discourse about data science.]]>