Peace Breaker Movie Premiere & QA Session

Jazzy Pictures first ever distributed film – ‘Peace Breaker’was premiere at 29th September 2017 (Friday), 9pm at MBO, Starling Mall. Laurence Teo, Gai Yew Lam, Debbie Loo together with Sam Chong who took part in the movie have attended the Q&A session after the screening. If you need a good cop thriller to tick you off in the best way, Peace Breaker will be the best choice for your leisure. Veteran actor Wang Qianyuan has finally featuring with Aaron Kwok in ’Peace Breaker’ . In the new film, Aaron takes on the role of a morally-bent police officer who is involved in many crimes.The shooting of the film was completely done in several locations around Malaysia, including Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya. The action film is a remake of South Korea’s 2014 dramatic-thriller, “A Hard Day”.Movie ’Peace Breaker’ not only brings up the story plot into the sense of society, as well as ’bad’ system and ‘bad’ psychological reactance. There is no perfection in the film of the salvation hero, only contest between big evil and small evil. ‘Peace Breaker’ as a crop theme film not only pointed out a new idea, it brings up all the way in condition of unexpected surprise from the beginning to the end. ‘Peace Breaker’ as the recently theme of rare production, it is quite worthy to concerned. During the Q&A session, Debbie Loo has share her experience about the character that she casts in the movie. Besides, Loo also highly suggest us to support Aaron Kwok’ s movie. Laurence Tuo was honored to have a collaboration with Aaron, he then gave the production team a highly compliment on their hard work. Gai Yew Lam (Aunty Lan) said this is the very first time to take up the scene in the coffin. To her, it is not a difficult challenge, she hopes to show her best effort in the movie. The experienced actor, Sam Chong is grateful to be part of the shooting and he hope other local actors could do as he in the international screen. Even if there is many handicap to make a good movie, it is worth to show the masterpiece to the audience. In addition, apart from the weight classes of actor, the dramatic plot, the opponents and the breakers are struggling with life and death,as well as fight and struggle scenes, it is absolutely let the audiences feel into “the council is dead, broken is born” tense of atmosphere. ‘Peace Breaker’be sure is one of the worthlessness Chinese action criminal movie in this year. ‘Peace Breaker’ is due to hit Malaysia theatres on 5th October 2017. [embed][/embed]]]>