Kolaborasi Mudah.my dan Ayda Jebat melalui Eazy Peazy

It’s Eazy Peazy to find, fix and furnish homes with Mudah.my! Kuala Lumpur,  August 2017 – Mudah.my Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia’s largest online marketplace, aims to become Malaysia’s leading property portal by using Big Data powered products and the power of simplicity to make it easy for Malaysians to fulfill all their needs when it comes to property find, fix, and furnish homes with Mudah.my! “Over the past decade, Mudah.my has become Malaysia’s most comprehensive marketplace for all our everyday needs and wants. From automobiles to electronics, home appliances to property, toys and collectibles, we are Malaysia’s largest go to platform for preloved goods. We are the number one destination for categories such as automobiles and have seen increased user preference for our property related solutions. The current economic environment where Malaysians are looking at affordable home solutions and the migration of youth to urban centers for education and employment, represents a tremendous opportunity as we can help Malaysians buy a home or find a place to rent; while we help owners sell or rent out their current one,” said Mr. Gaurav Bhasin, CEO of Mudah.my Sdn. Bhd. As per data shared by ComScore, a leading cross-platform measurement company, 801,000 users in Malaysia accessed Mudah.my via home and work desktop computers or mobile devices in May 2017. These visits account for a total of 33 million minutes in May 2017. Mudah Property helps users research, find or sell their home by displaying thousands of updated, fresh property listings with current market prices across the entire country. We use technology to simplify the search process by using tools like “One-Click-Search” filters and Big Data powered recommendations. Mudah Property has over 290,000 properties for sale or rent, making it easier for Malaysians to find their dream home. Mudah Property empowers Malaysians with a wide selection of listings at current market prices that allow users to quickly make better-informed property decisions. Moreover, users can also find services to fix or renovate their home, all at great deals. Currently, Mudah.my has over 170,000 listings under the home category (that includes furniture, bed and bath, furnishings and kitchen appliances), with over 10,000 listings (under TV and audio), and over 60,000 listings for services (including air conditioning, plumbing and all renovations works). Mudah offers a complete and holistic home solution which goes beyond just buying or selling a property. Mudah Property also focuses on more than just the number of listings it has it empowers consumers with quality listings through a stringent review process that reduces duplicate listings and highlights the verified agents. Additionally, all property listings on Mudah Property come with a 60 days expiry, allowing Malaysians to browse through a comprehensive list of properties that are relevant and current to the market. To inspire first homeowners and fresh graduates to find their dream home with ease, Mudah.my has collaborated with Malaysia’s leading songstress, Ayda Jebat with a song exclusively for Mudah.my called Eazy Peazy. Eazy Peazy brings the ease of Mudah Property to life in a whole new way. The 4-minute music video captures the convenience and ease of finding the right home in the right neighborhood, along with the right furniture and accessories, all on Mudah.my. ”Buying or renting a house is one of the biggest decisions that a person makes in their lifetime. With Eazy Peazy, we hope to give Malaysians a little inspiration especially to first time homeowners and graduates as to how they can build their home and make Eazy Peazy their own personal home-searching anthem,” said Ms. Caressa Cheng, Head of Mudah Property. “Ultimately, whether you are moving due to education, a new job, family, or to live near public transportation hubs, Mudah.my has all the answers.” The collaboration with Ayda Jebat was a natural fit as the singer was already a fan of the site. “Ever since my brother introduced me to Mudah.my, l have been fascinated by the number of items listed on the platform. From clothes to cars, guitars to golf sets, phones to property, I can find everything online easily. So, when I had the opportunity to partner with Mudah.my on this campaign, l was more than excited. What I love most about Mudah.my, is that I can select an item base on my budget!” said Ms Ayda Jebat. “Anyone that has been through the house searching process knows that it can be stressful. What better way to stay inspired with the power of music and the ease of Mudah.my?” From buying, selling or renting a property-fixing your home and furnishing it with great deals – Mudah.my is the one stop marketplace for everything property related. To find out more, visit www.mudah.my and make your life Easy Peazy!    ]]>